Sunday, June 28, 2015

An 18-Point Flotation Mirror Cell -- Continued . . .

An 18-point mirror cell for Day in Enterprise Utah.
This is for his 16" F4.5 mirror, now out for coating.

The mirror cell is optimized and configured with Plop.

The adjustable 3/8" threaded-rod mounts allow for his 18"-20" round tube.
Once Day's mirror is returned to me, I'll mount it on the cell for him.

Off, Again, to Mt. Wilson July 17, 2015....

I'm off to Mt. Wilson, this time, for an evening of tours tour and
viewing through the 100" -- July 17, 2015. By far, the largest telescope
I've had the pleasure of looking through.
The 100" looks like this photo, these days. A nice "heavenly blue"!!
During observing hours, red light is illuminates the dome.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dayton and his 10" Telescope ...

Dayton, and his new 10" telescope all setup and ready to go.
He lives in Glenpool, Oklahoma.

A photo taken through the eyepiece with Dayton's telescope.

Friday, June 26, 2015

An 18-Point Mirror Cell

An 18-point flotation mirror cell starts to take shape for
Day in Enterprise, Utah. His 16" mirror is out for coating.

Another view, Jay's 17.5" in the Utah desert.....

Jay's 17.5" Dobstuff all setup and ready to go.

World Creek Pass Milky Way -- a beautiful sky.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An 8" F4.....

I've thought about a scope like this for awhile. Here's a Meade
fork mount with the mirror box for an 8" F4.
The OTA will be just about 28" long.

Note the space between the forks have been increased with spacers.

I've made a dew shield as well (L). The stock "trunions" have been replaced 
with altitude bearings to support the new mirror box.

A Meade Fork or Celestron Fork would work just as well.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ken and his 16" Dobstuff Truss....

Hi Dennis,

Attached is a shot taken while I was setting up last night in my driveway. It was moonless and clear, and the Clear Sky forecast was for Excellent transparency and Above Average seeing, and the forecast was accurate.

I spent most of the time observing galaxies in the Virgo cluster and Leo with the 16”, and I was very pleased with the structure I could see in some of the Messier objects and how easy it was to find some of the smaller and fainter Herschel objects like NGC 3377 and 3412.

My Crossbow Platforms will arrive this week. I’m going to have a dolly similar to the Wheeler Bars made in a local machine shop and attach the platform and 16” to the dolly so I can just roll it out, level and be ready to go.

I love my 16” DobSTUFF, and thanks for all your help and advice.