Thursday, August 6, 2020

Two 16" Telescopes

A 16" strut telescope for Albert in Appleton, Wisconsin. This
telescope will sport a Feathertouch focuser, 3-vane observatory
grade spider, Easy Transport Telescope option and Sky Commander.

24" altitude bearings will guarantee smooth motion and enough sticktion
to keep the telescope in place between eyepiece changes.

Also underway is a modification to Ken's 16" truss telescope. We're making
this 6-tube truss into an 8-tube truss and adding a full upper tube assembly.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ken's 6 to 8-tube Truss Telescope . . .

Ken brought in his 16" 6-tube truss telescope for a modification to
an 8-tube with full Upper Tube Assembly. Lookin' good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Rodney's Secondary...

Rodney contacted me about a secondary
he could not adjust and asked for a solution.
I added an adjustable component and it
works like a charm....

A Note from Nathan and his 12" Lightbridge Rocker Box ...

Hey Dennis!

 Wanted to give you an update on the rocker box. I finished the staining and polyurethane finish shortly after I sent you the last email. I had other other projects come up after that and finally got the assembly done over this last weekend. Everything went together great!! I’ll go ahead and include a couple photos of the finished rocker box, I haven’t had a chance to get the scope on it yet because of not so great seeing conditions here lately. Can’t wait to get the scope on it and then I’ll get some more pics for you. Hopefully this coming weekend if the skies are clear!  Nathan

I like the color scheme. Neato!!

A Rocker Box Kit ...

Completed and ready for packaging is a kit for Peter's 12" telescope.
These are made from furniture-grade Baltic birch. I built rocker
boxes for just about any telescope -- kits or completely assembled.

Monday, July 27, 2020

A 10" F6 Under Construction . . .

A 10" F6 under construction with a primary
mirror from Swayze Optical. This is a little
different design as it has a full upper tube
assembly on a strut OTA.

Friday, July 24, 2020

A 10" F6 Strut with full UTA...

A strut design with full UTA. Not too common.

The spider is a Destiny curved-vane. The focuser will be
a Moonlite 2-speed 2" crayford device.

The telescope will look "similar" to this one.
This telescope was built by Carl in Berkeley,
Missouri from one of our kits.