Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory . . .

That's me and the new Rancho Mirage Library and
Observatory's 28" telescope. It's a beauty.

Just outside the "observing room" are 4 pads for amateur
astronomers to setup their own telescopes.

Another view of the 28" telescope by Planewave Instruments.

Primaries and Secondaries for David's 17.5" Truss Telescope . . .

An all aluminium 6-point cell is affixed to David's beautiful 17.5" mirror.
This, and all my mirror cells, are designed and optimized with Plop.

A beautiful 3.1" secondary on its holder. It'll be painted black
to minimize unwanted light reflections.

The "observatory grade" 3-vane spider and focuser bracket is
in place and near completion for David's 17.5" telescope.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bruce's 6" Newtonian .. .

Bruce sent along a photo or two of his beautiful 6" Newtonian on our rocker box mount we made for him. I especially like the color scheme and graphics on the tube. note the nice Moonlite focuser and Telrad.  Bruce lives in Marintez, California. 

More on David's 17.5" F4.5 . . .

The large 22" altitude bearings and rocker box sides are in
process. These, plus the OTA components below, make
a good portion of the entire telescope.

The OTa components. this will be an 8-truss telescope design.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A 17.5" for David in Charlottesville, Virginia...

The OTA rings for David's 17.5" truss telescope now under construction.  
It sports a very nice Coulter mirror, upgraded secondary 
and Observatory Grade Destiny 3-vane curved-vane spider.

An example of the telescope. This 16.25" was built earlier this year.

Clayton and his 17.5" Telescope . . .

A  photo of  Clayton and his 17.5" telescope from June 2013.

A note from Clayton in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho:

Dennis I"thought you might appreciate 
this picture   I took with the Dob rebuild you did"

Monday, February 12, 2018

10" Kit for Marcus -- Rocks!!

Rocker box sides and alt bearings for Marcus' 10" kit. Now
to add the holes to reduce a bit of weight and make
moving the rocker and telescope around easier.
Assembled with clamps for "fit" -- this is a nice rocker box
for Marcus' 10" telescope..

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A 10" String-Strut Kit for Marcus . . .

The Upper Tube Assembly (UTA), w/spider mounted and
mirror board with mirror cell mounted.

The cell rear. The collimation bolts and thumb knobs are 5/16".

Note the standard straight-vane spider sent for installation by Marcus.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Little More for Bruce's Rocker Box ...

Now with the bottom of the rocker box installed.
I make the base a bit larger for stability.

Even though the rocker bottom is a bit larger,
it still only measures 19" in diameter.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More on Bruce's 6" Rocker Box and . . .

Bruce's rocker box with custom color -- red
mahagony -- applies. The altitude bearings
affix to his Parallax tube-rings.

Monday, February 5, 2018

A 6" Newtonian Rocker Box for Bruce . . .

A rocker box and altitude bearings for Bruce's 6"
Newtonian reflector. Bruce lives in Martinez, CA.

Bruce asked for a "little height" on the rocker
box itself. The custom color will be red mahogany.

An "example" of the rocker and
altitude bearings. This one is a bit
larger, having been built for an 8"

A 4" Refractor ...

Phillip, a "friend of a friend" brought over a 4" refractor for
an upgrade. So far, it's lookin' good.

12.5" Kit for Rick -- All Packed and.....

All packaged and ready to go, Rick's 12.5" F4.5
string-strut kit is ready to ship to his home
in New Mexico. This is a complete kit,
including optics, spider and focuser

Friday, February 2, 2018

Rick's 12.5" Kit is Complete.....

All the "parts 'n pieces" for Rick's 12.5" kit. Assembly, really,
is quite easy with instructions on my website.

I've pre-installed the mirror cell on Rick's mirror. It's a 6-point
non-flotation cell -- with the thick primary, it'll work perfectly.

I've also pre-installed the spider, focuser on its bracket and bracket
on the upper ring. The focuser is a 2-speed Moonlite crayford.

Monday, January 29, 2018

More for Rick's 12.5" Kit....

Rick's rocker box is pretty close to completion. I just need
to finish the ground board and bearing components.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Rick's 12.5" Kit . . .

Rick's rocker box sides, and altitude bearings, are nearing completion.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Michael's 10" F5 Strut with ETT Completed ...M

Michael B., from  Baton Rouge, Louisiana and his 10" F5 with
Nova Optical Systems certified mirror. Note the sky Commander and
2-speed 2" Moonlite focuser. Under the stars, this telescope
really performs beautifully. An excellent mirror!!

Now to start packaging this telescope up and get ready to ship.

Rick's 12.5" Strut Telescope Continued ...

Rick's mirror is supported by a 6-point non-flotation
mirror cell. Thicker mirrors take simple cells without
any problems. Oversize knobs make collimation easy.

Note the Telrad is supported by two clamps. The other
clamps are for the alt bearings and sliding counter weight.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

10" F5 for Michael . . .

This Nova Optical Systems certified primary is a 10" F5
now with a beautiful 2-speed 2" Moonlite focuser on
its heavy duty focuser bracket.

The nice thing about these Destiny spiders is that they're
collimatable with a spring-loaded center-stalk and
can be adjusted a big along the optical axis.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A 12.5" Kit for Rick ...

A 12.5" kit for Rick in Silver City, New Mexico is underway. Here
the OTA rings are close to completion. I need to add a mirror cell, mount
the spider and focuser bracket as yet. This kit will be complete,
including optics, focuser and spider.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bruce and his 10" F6 Telescope ...

Bruce, who also lives in Palm Desert, stopped by to pick up
his 10" F6 "Discovery" make-over. Great visit!!

Jay's Astronomical Blog

Check out Jay's Astronomical blog at The telescope, a 17.5" Dobstuff truss telescope was built for him in 2014. Jay lives in Herriman, Utah.

The 17.5" Dob "Star Catcher" ready to go. 

NGC 894 a Galaxy in Cetus: 22mm T4 Nagler

NGC 1070 Elliptical Galaxy in Cetus.

Monday, January 8, 2018

10: F6 for Bruce Completed . ..

A 10" F6, a remake from a Discovery solid tube telescope, is completed. Note the Sky Commander system,  primary dew shield, Telrad and laser-point finders and "strings".

Saturday, January 6, 2018

10" F6 for Bruce . . .

Bruce 10" F6 with partially completed rocker box. I mount the telescope
with all its accessories and check for balance and motion.

As compared to the original Discovery -- this telescope is considerably lighter
and easier to handle. The rocker box is much smaller as well.

The top ring, Telrad and laser "finder". The "strings" are yet to be affixed
to the telescope. Along with its longer focal -- the strings will add rigidity.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bruce's Optical Tube Assembly . . .

Bruce's 10" F6 with the "mirror box" complete. Note the
"hooks" -- for the strings to be added later.
This telescope sports the "Easy Transport Telescope" option
(ETT). The bottom half of the struts are in place.

The "intermediate" ring re-introduces rigidity to the
OTA. The struts are 1.25" black anodized 6061 aluminum.
And, the "top half" of the struts in place.

The optical tube assembly is fully assembled, sans
the altitude bearings. Note the Telrad mount and
laser-pointer mount on the near strut.

The overall length of the struts are 55 7/8" while
the OTA, with mirror cover, weighs 31# (while the

full thickness Discovery mirror makes up 13#
on its own!! A beautiful mirror.