Saturday, March 23, 2013

12.5" F4.78 for Kevin A. in Billerica MA.
 A 12.5" telescope for Kevin A. in Billerica MA.  The mirror a very nice F4.78 with new coating. Kevin asked that the telescope be built and shipped without a "finish" so he could apply a custom color of his choice.

Yet to be completed is the ETT (Easy Transport Telescope) option. The ETT option will cut the struts in half with an intermediate ring to reintroduce the rigidity of the assembly.

Here is Kevin's "finished" telescope (4/29/2013).

Filer slide pulled in the full "out" position.

A unique feature of the telescope is a "filter slide". just below the focuser. It allows the use of 3 filters -- or none -- as desired by the observer.. In this photo, the filter slide is pulled all the way "out" along the optical axis.

Mirror slide, Moonlite focuser and Destiny spider.

Here, the filter slide is "down" into the OTA and in the "no filter" position.

Detail of the mirror cell with counterweight mount -- if needed.

As part of the build, Kevin provided me with a University Optics mirror cell. You can see, in the center, an additional mounting "bolt" for counterweights if needed.

Detail of the mirror-box and rocker-box. The mirror cover is to the left of the photo.

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