Saturday, April 2, 2022

Completed: A 10" F6 for David in College Place, Washington...

Completed is David's 10" F6 with premium optics, strings, "Easy Transport", and a couple of finder options. Under the stars this telescope performed beautifully -- even though the optics (a full thickness mirror) hadn't quite cooled as yet. The motions are just what I like -- buttery smooth. Note the "break" for a change in EPs and options at the focuser. A Sky Commander is also installed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A 10" F6 for David in College Park, Washington...

 A "work in progress", Dave's 10" F6 with premium optics. At this stage I like to put the OTA onto the rocker box check check balance and altitude motions. These are just right. 

I need to finish the rocker box bottom/ground board, add the strings and Sky Commander and give the telescope one more run under the stars before packaging.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

A 14" F3.5 for Steve in Springfield, Vermont....

 A beautiful Hubble Optics primary and high-end Antares 3.5" secondary set the standard for this outstanding telescope. Note the "easy transport" option, strings and Feathertouch focuser with integrated Paracorr. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A 20" for Paul near Honolulu, Hawaii...

Just about complete is a 20" F3.3 for Paul near Honolulu, Hawaii. The Hubble Optics mirror, itself, is the heaviest component of the telescope. At this stage, with the sides of the rocker box completed, I like to assemble the telescope to check for fit, balance and motion. This one is "just right"!!  Now, on to completing the rocker box bottom, ground board and installing the encoders -- and it'll be time to ship this beauty!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A Note from Mark about his 13.1" Telescope...

 A note and photo from Mark and his 13.1" telescope: 

Hi Dennis,  The Mirror Cell for the 13.1" is FANTASTIC!  Thank You Sir !  It is perfect, the Mirror is going to be the same distance from the focuser.. NICE..  As you can see, I fabricated 3 shelf angle brackets and made feet so that the collimation knobs don't touch the floor when i take the tube out for transport. (Did that last week)  Mark

A 12" Lightbridge Rocker Box...

This Lightbridge rocker box is for Sunil in Baltimore, Maryland.
Ready for packaging and ship. 


Monday, November 1, 2021

A Nice Note from Nick...

 A nice note from Nick about his 14" telescope and our recent visit together:

Hi Dennis,  Hope you had a good weekend and a happy Halloween. It was good seeing you, and thank you again for the time to go over everything with me!  I drove home on Friday and was able to put the telescope together, and then the clouds came out!  Of course :) But, I did look at some trees in the distance and things looked very sharp, and focus "snapped" into place.  

I kept the telescope set up just in case, and indeed the clouds cleared for a short time and I gotta say Jupiter was amazing!  Whereas before it was an endless fine turning of the focuser just to think you can see the red lines "pretty well", now I saw deep colors and more detail than ever before with little effort on the focuser! It was too late for Saturn from my vantage point, but I felt like I was getting the full benefit of the telescope and absolutely loved it.   It truly made all the difference having you look at it and fix it, so thank you again!