Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Note from Val in The Woodlands, Texas. . .

"It's all glory" !!  OK, Dennis, here it is.

I took the scope out last night for a go.  It took me a while to find the right balance, but I'm happy to say it's everything I hoped.  I can use any 1.25" eyepiece with ease, and the scope stays put; but it is easy to move with the view, even at 240x.  Just what I wanted.

BTW, the scope is a 6" f/8 with Parks primary and Moonlite focuser.  It has a curved-vein spider and very good secondary.  The scope gives lovely views, best I've had of some things.

Best regards,


(We built the rocker box for Val in July, 2018).

Friday, June 29, 2018

Len's 12" F5 is Complete . . .

Len's 12" F5. Note the "strings" and primary dew shield.

The very nice primary sits on a 6-point flotation mirror
cell design and optimized with Plop. Collimation
is easy with a spring loaded cell and spider-hub.

The "string" detail. Note the turn-buckle for tension.

The "blue" Moonlite 2-speed focuser and Destiny curved-vane
spider. A Kendrick dew solution is installed on the secondary.

A bit more detail of the string, primary mirror and mirror box.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

16" Lightbridge and 8" Strut Telescope . . .

Completed is Greg's 16" Lightbridge rocker box upgrade kit.
Joshua's 8" F6 strut telescope -- mirror box and upper ring completed.
Now just to install the struts themselves.

Note the Destiny 3-vane curved-vane spider and one-speed Moonlite focuser.
I include a custom mirror cover with all my telescopes.
Joshua's 8" OTA is pretty much complete. I have to do a
couple of tasks -- but it's looking great. I'll test it under
the stars tonight -- Nice!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Rocker Box for Len's 12" F5 and Greg's 16" Lightbridge... .

Len's 12" F5 string-strut rocker box and altitude bearings are ready
for a few coats of varnish. The fit is just the way I like it!!

Greg's 16" Lightbridge rocker box upgrade. I have an
old 16" LB mirror box. Just for fun, I like to see it fits
all ok. And, this one does!!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mount a Finder or Other Accessory on My Clamps....

To get started mounting a finder or other accessory on my clamps, drill
a #7 hole in the dovetail base or similar mounting hardware.
Use a 1/4-20 "tap" to put threads in the hole. I usually cut off a
carriage bolt that's long enough for this chore. If you ""flatten"" one
end with a hammer it'll fit into the threaded hole and stay there firmly.
I use a 2" fender washer under the dovetail. Put the dovetail-shaft
through the hole in the clamp and use a knob.

Note the ""locking" 1/4-20 nylon screw in the side of the clamp
so as to keep everything in place.

And More on Len's 12" F5 and a 16" Lightbridge Rocker Box...

OTA components, top ring and mirror box.

Note the 2-speed Moonlite focuser, curved-vane spider (with Kendrick
dew heater installed) and custom mirror cover.
The OTA is close to completion. The struts are 53.5".
Note the "blue" focuser.
A rocker box upgrade  kit for Greg in Durango, Colorado.
This one is for a  16" Lightbridge telescope.
And Len's 12" F5 with its altitude bearings.

Friday, June 22, 2018

More on Joshua's 8" F6 and Len's 12" F5 . .

The altitude bearings for Joshua's 8" F6 -- Just right!!
A good start on Len's 12" altitude bearings and rocker box sides.
The altitude bearings are 20" in diameter. Just right for this size scope.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

An 8" and 12" Strut Telescope . . .

An 8" F6 for Joshua in Arlington, Massachusetts and a 12" F5
for Len in Pineville, Louisiana. The OTA rings are taking shape.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

More on Val's Rocker Box . . .

Val asked for a 27" high rocker box -- at the bottom of altitude
bearing arc. So far, it's looking great. It'll sit on an 18" diameter
base and ground board.

Joe's Complete Telescope Kit . . .

Joe's complete 12.5" strut telescope kit with Easy Transport Telescope
 option. This include a Woden Optics  premium mirror, Moonlite 
2-speed focuser and curved-vane spider. The secondary is a 2.7" 
Antares. I've "pre-installed the focuser, mirror cell and spider.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Note from Jay in Herriman, Utah . . .

A nice note from Jay in Herriman, Utah about his 17.5" Dobstuff truss telescope. it's always good to  hear from our customers. Keeping in touch is one of our goals to good "customer relations"....

Hi Dennis, 

Cleaning the scope after a week of hard use and I saw it has been 4 years for the 17.5"  Still going strong and better than ever though I will probably replace the moonlight balls soon on the end of the trusses (I have the new ones).   I love my 14" and my 17.5" Both are 6 and 4 years old and no issues outside of when I first go them in making them tailored to me and my preferences. It is a credit to your build because I use them so hard that they endure so well.  You can see in the back of my 2017 Outback I car camp when observing. 


A Rocker Box for Val in The Woodlands Texas . . .

A rocker box for Val's 8" newtonian -- early stages.

An EXAMPLE of the finished rocker. This was made
for another project but is the same format.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Joe's 12.5" Gettin' Even Closer . . .

The 20" altitude bearings for Joe's 12.5" telescope kit
are completed. See are the clamps and other hardware.

The rocker box for Joe's telescope is coming together. I need to add the
holes in the sides as well as the bottom and ground board.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Bit More on Joe's 12.5" String-Strut . . .

The 20" altitude bearings and matching rocker box sides.
These are in the "earlier" stages of construction....

Monday, June 4, 2018

A 12.5" String-Strut Kit . . .

The OTA rings for a string-strut kit for Joe in San Diego.
This is a "complete" kit -- including optics -- in this case
a premium 12.5" F4.5 mirror by Woden Optics.

Nick's 13.1" F4.5 Kit . . .

Nick, from Spokane, Washington, beginning his 13.1" truss kit.
Thanks for sending the photo Nick. It looks great so far.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Jerry's 12.5" F4.5 String-Strut is Complete . . .

Jerry's 12.5" String-Strut. Note the Telrad, Sky Commander and
Moonlite 2-speed 2" crayford focuser. The DEC and AZ motions
are just right!! Jerry lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Detail of the Destiny 3-vane curved-vane spider. A Kendrick dew
solution is installed on the secondary. Not shown 
is the "focuser 
baffle" opposite the focuser.

The beautiful 12.5" mirror is center marked with a "donut"
for easy collimation. Note the Easy Transport Telescope
(ETT) intermediate ring and mirror cover.

A dual-fan sits in back of the 6-point mirror cell. I always
use oversized knobs for collimation and "feet" sothe
telescope can be stood upright more safely.