Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bruce's 10" F6 Continues.....

The "mirror board", with the Discovery mirror cell and mirror
affixed is completed. With a little cleaning, the primary is
all clean and ready!! Nice.....

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Chris' 29" Telescope in Ontario, California....

Here's Chris and Glenn's 29" telescope based on a Coulter Optical
primary. I built a 17.5" for Chris -- but this outdoes that by a mile!!

The truss-tubes are 1.5" in diameter. Perfect for this telescope.

Three Projects for 2018 . . .

I have a very nice 10" F3.9 mirror  and telescope
under construction. The focuser is a Kinoptics
helical. This telescope will be a bit different with
a 6-strut round tube assembly. Keep an eye here.

This telescope is for sale!!

Under construction is a 10"  "string-strut" for Bruce. This is
a remake from an older, much heavier, F6 Discovery. The
optics are beautiful.  This will be the ETT design.

A 12" kit is completed for Patrick in Philadelphia. This was a
"partial kit" as well as a "second". But, it's all complete and ready
to go. Some of the parts are from different telescopes, but it
complete and will make a great strut-telescope!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

John nice 8" F4 OTA is completed. Note the Telrad mount, Moonlite focuser
and Moonlite 4-filter slide. The OTA is 30" tall and weighs just 22#.
A Losmandy dovetail plate will fit on any compatible mount.
A single 12Vdc fan will help cool the nearly full thickness primary.

The two-speed 2" Moonlite focuser is a beauty.

The "standard straight-vane" spider is spring loaded for easy collimatin.

Monday, December 4, 2017

John's 8' F4 Close to Completion...

Just about completed is John's 8" F4 OTA. The OTA stands
29.75" tall. A Losmandy dovetail plate will be installed next.

Friday, December 1, 2017

John's 8" F4 Ready for Testing ...

Now the length of the OTA is calculated, it
just needs to be "tested"under the stars. Note
the "adjustable" struts in case minor adjustments
need to be made. The mirror cover is installed.

Without the mirror cover, but with the
Moonlite focuser and filter slide ready
for testing tonight. the OTA is a mere 30" long.