Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A 10" F4.7 for Jack in South America. Features a Meade primary with 97% reflectivity coating, Sky Commander and Rigel red-dot finder. Nice telescope. Jack will be here in November to pick up his telescope! That'll be a neat visit.

Front -- Destiny spider, Rigel finder.

Detail of the "mirror box" and Sky Commander.

A single fan will help cool the primary mirror during cool-down.

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  1. I feel honored owning this masterpiece!

    And, quoting Dennis: -"Jack will be here, in Palm Desert, in late November to pick up his telescope. That'll be a fun visit -- so far, to date, my most distant guest!"

    I couldn´t be happier to meet him and, comparing the distances, I´m just a few thousand miles, a tiny small fraction from the distances we are used to admire on Astronomy.

    Dennis, congratulations and thanks!