Sunday, December 30, 2012

Andrew W and his 16" F4.5.
Andrew W. from Escondido elected to stop by today to pick up his 16" telescope. We enjoyed a nice conversation about astronomy and telescopes. It was great meeting him. Andrew says:

"Hi Dennis,  

I finally had a chance to put the scope together today and collimate it.  It went together so easily and the components are much lighter than the old Lightbridge unit.  The main mirror cell is much easier to collimate and when moved around the sky, collimation holds well.  All in all, a beautiful and functional instrument.  Thanks for the fine workmanship,

14" built from Kit by Mark at the
University of Texas.

Here's a 14" telescope completed by Mark C from the University of Texas. The interesting this is that Mark obtained my kit in a "trade". It was a pleasure assisting him during the assembly. I especially like the 2-tone color. Note the Easy Transport Telescope (ETT) option installed.

The scope sports a Hubble Optics 14" F5 sandwich mirror, a GSO focuser and a DobSTUFF mirror cell.

 Great job.

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