Monday, May 27, 2013

Rocker box for 12" Lightbridge.

Now complete and ready for packaging and shipping for Bob F in Ft. Myers Florida is a rocker box for a 12" Lightbridge telescope. Bob asked for a DSC (digital setting circle) stalk for his Sky Commander.

The entire assembly only weighs 20.5# and measures approximately 17"x17"x16" (to the bottom of the alt bearing "curve".

The DSC stalk (center support) measures 30".

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  1. Hi Dennis, You are truly a remarkable craftsman. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. The fact that you constantly kept in touch with me through pictures and emails as you built my rocker box attests to your professionalism. My new rocker box looks like a piece of furniture. I feel like the astronomer who is waiting for his new telescope so he can point it at the night sky and enjoy "first light". With the new sky commander azm hardware in place, I will have very little to do to get my telescope mounted and start using it. I have been forwarding your pictures to some friends in the Everglades Astronomical Society in Naples, Florida that I observe with, and they are anxious to see the new rocker box as they know what a heavy bear my current box is to work with. I am a member of two astronomical clubs here in Southwest Florida and attend the Winter Star Party held in the Florida Keys each year. You can be sure that your rocker box will get plenty of visibility. Thanks for everything, Bob Francis, Fort Myers, Florida.