Monday, June 24, 2013

Set up and ready for its "test drive".

Now that the rocker box is complete, I put the telescope together. This is a BIG telescope -- and beautiful. The mirror is newly refigured and coated. 

I've installed the encoders for the Sky Commander DSC. Now that the telescope is so close to complete I've set up outside for a "test drive" under the stars. Another test, in a few days, will confirm the Sky Commander is installed and working properly.

Here's some pictures so far.

About an hour later!! The images through the telescope are excellent. Saturn was stunning -- even though the seeing is a bit soft. Star images are pin-points -- and with the curved vane spider -- no diffraction spikes.
Detail of the UTA. The spider is an
"Observatory Grade Destiny"

Looking into the "mirror box". The dew shield is not installed.
The mirror cover is to the right.

The 17.5" mirror sits on an all aluminum
18-point flotation mirror cell.

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