Sunday, December 8, 2013

A few comments and pictures from our "kit customer" from down under!! in Melbourne, Australia.
Richard and his 16" Telescope
He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Dennis!

I hope things have been well for you over the pas couple of months.  I'm very happy to say I've finally finished the telescope and took it out last night for the first time.  I think I may hold the record for the longest time taken to build one of your kits! 

It's a marvelous scope and I could not be happier.  Considering I raced to finish it only hours before I left to go observing, it performed very well.  I'm going to tweak it a bit over the next couple of week and I'm sure it will get even better.  Your instructions were clear, the kit went together easily, and it was simple to breakdown, transport and setup.

As promised attached are a few pictures of the finished kit.  I'll work on some better ones next time I take the scope out.  I went with a dark grey-black stain and I'm not sure the pictures do it justice.  I think it's beautiful, despite my limited finishing skills.  These pictures are from the Astronomical Society of Victory December star party, and there were a number of people interested in the scope.  A few people recognized it as one of your kits, and it received quite a number of compliments for it's unusual design and clean aesthetic!

Thank you again for the kit and for all of your help.


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