Tuesday, April 8, 2014

John C., from Andover, Kansas, sent along a couple of pictures and some comments about his 16" Lightbridge rocker-box upgrade. Here's what John has to say"

Note the Moon overhead.

I had a break in both winds and the spring grass burns in the Flint Hills of Kansas last Saturday morning and got some really good viewing in between the hours of 2 and 5 AM. The evening before I shot several pics. Here are two of them.

The new box works very well and is so much easier to move around since it only weights 25 pounds and has smaller dimensions as well.  It is nice to be able to reach the eyepiece when the scope is at zenith since the Dobstuff box is nearly three inches lower.  The motions are smooth and quiet. The box is a joy to use!

At first I thought the holes in the sides were a bit odd, but now I really like them.  Not only do they make good handles but they let me easily reach inside the box to store lens covers, glasses and other small items when I am viewing without a table. I will need to find a way to add some extra friction for the heaviest of my eyepieces. I have an idea or two for that, but I think I can use something like the device on the original which is nice since it is adjustable. A small felt furniture glide and some creativity with something from a good hardware store should do the trick.

Thanks for your excellent and quick work.


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