Saturday, August 2, 2014

Everywhere I go I look for astronomy/telescope related points-of-interest. During my trip to Ireland, the U.K. and Scotland this month -- I'll look for some of these sights.

BUT, you can still contact me via email. I'll be in the evening everyday. So, email and say hello...

We're off to Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdon
this month. Keep an eye on my travel blog.

During our trip, we expect to visit Lord Rosse's 72" telescope at Birr Castle.
The telescope was built in 1845 and is now preserved as an exhibit at the castle.

Birr Castle, central Ireland.

A closer picture of Rosse's 72" telescope.

We'll be visiting the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.

We also hope to get to Stonehenge .

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