Thursday, September 4, 2014

Some Astronomy in Ireland and England . . .

Having just return from a trip to Ireland, England and Scotland, I thought I'd share some photos of the "astronomy and telescopes" we visited. We traveled from 8/5-9/3. I hope you find these interesting.

The 28" refractor at the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London.

72" Mirror from the Rosse Telescope in Birr, Ireland.
The speculum mirror resides in the London Science Museum.

At the Blockrock Castle Observatory with
Alan Giltinan.

Linda and Me on the 0-Meridian in Greenwich, England.

The 14" Meade SCT at Trinity College in Cork, Ireland.

The sundial in William Herschel's garden Bath, England.

william Herschel's 6.25" Newtonian reflector at his home
and workshop in Bath, England.

Lord Rosse's 72" Newtonian telescope, Birr Castle, Birr, Ireland.

72" at Birr. The "Leviathan"!!

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