Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don C., from Pembina, North Dakota, finished a pair of Dobstuff kits -- a 12.5" and 17.5". I especially like the color and graphic treatment. Nice job!!

Here's what don't has to say about these.

Don's 17.5" and 12.5" side by side.
 Notice the wheel barrow wheels
 Hi Dennis,

Here are some pics of my 17.5" and 12.5" truss dobs made from your kits.  I included  a before shot of my previous incarnation of the 17.5" dobsonian I built 20 years ago.  I used decoupage to put the stars, planets and galaxies onto the wood structure and then varnished over top of everything.  The scopes are working great.  The bearings are very smooth and have just enough friction to hold things in place but still move easily.  You make a very nice truss dob telescope kit.  I hope you like the look of them.


Don's 17.5"

12.5" Truss Telescope from one of our kits.

Don's "before" picture from 2008.

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