Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wyatt and his 10" Telescope . . .

I finally got my (10") primary mirror back from Steve Swayze and Spectrum and was able to get everything reassembled and working again. The Sky Commander works great, and I am really enjoying it! I now have a shroud installed from Shrouds by Heather, and I also got the two-fan cooling system that I originally mentioned to you rigged up. One fan is pointed at the rear of the primary/under the mirror cell and the second one is a boundary layer fan that is suspended between two of the struts and points through a large square port on the inbound side and is vented by three smaller ports on the outbound side. Between that and the Swayze primary mirror refigure, I have gotten a substantial improvement in useful magnification and have been getting some very nice high-power solar system images on the moon, Jupiter, and Mars – fun!

Anyway, I have my scope just about where originally envisioned it when I sent it off to you for conversion and am very pleased with the movement and stability of the structure, the images, and the portability of the overall system.

Wyatt lives in Dallas, Texas.

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