Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mike's Coulter Telescope --

Mike, in Frankfort, Kentucky, had me build a custom rocker box kit and mirror cell for his 10.1" Coulter reflector. Here's a couple of photos and comments from Mike:

"Hi Dennis

I assembled the ground board (with your autograph), but I'm more likely to use the equatorial platform, seen in both photos, for observing. The round sheet of laminate on the bottom of the rocker box rides very smoothly on large round furniture coasters attached to the platform.I applied two coats of a varnish / sealer to the rocker box.
In the second photo, I've turned the scope to make the mirror mount that you had built earlier for me visible. Also note that the low board on the back of the rocker box has been attached in a "lying down" position, to keep it out of the way of the mirror end of the 'scope tube when looking very high into the sky.

It has all come together very nicely. You did a great job of building to the dimensions I sent you, and moving the altitude bearings up on the tube has made for much better balance.   Now I hope Mother Nature will cooperate soon for some Milky Way deep-sky viewing!

Frankfort KY"

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