Friday, December 9, 2016

Terry and his Unique Telescope Shroud . . .

Dennis, The pictures below show how I have used ABS plastic to create a shroud for the travel scope. In the first picture I have added a second piece of plastic that is made into a tube using Velcro. The second piece of plastic is around the lower piece, and the upper piece slides up and down in order to allow me to access the mirror cover. Then in the lower picture, I added a third piece of ABS plastic that is wrapped around the second piece. This allows the plastic to come up to a point just below the focuser. I anticipate more work with the plastic in order to block out even more light. For instance I may add flocking inside the plastic tube in order to increase contrast. Then I will probably use weather stripping at the bottom of the tube to block out light from the bottom. . Terry

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