Friday, October 20, 2017

Thanks for the Email Dave . . .

Dave and his 8" telescope on a dobstuff rocker box
He lives in Avon Park, Florida.

I have had two good nights on the Scope and Rocker Box and tonight I took the scope to Kristian Nader’s and let him push it around. He was amazed how well the box worked and how easy and smooth it moved. He has a Meade 12 inch DOB that he was going to get converted but finances have hit him hard. I hope he ends up getting a kit made but I can say this I love it and it has proven that it is much better than what comes stock with Meade DOB’s I saw the Double Cluster and also Andromeda tonight very nicely and last night it was Saturn and a few other things. All in all a very nice piece of work.


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