Friday, November 3, 2017

10" F4.7 For Sale ...


This is a 10" F4.7 strut telescope with Easy Transport Telescope option. Other features include:

1) Curved vane spider.
2) Red Dot finder.
3) Single speed 2" crayford focuser.
4) Beautiful Zhumell (GSO) primary and mirror cell.
5) Custom mirror cover.
6) Ball bearing AZ axis with adjustable break for friction control.
7) sliding counterweight as needed.
8) The OTA is 29#  without mirror cover.
9) The rocker box weighs 1
10) $999 complete plus shipping.

I've used and star-tested this telescope. The star images are beautiful pin-points with an airy disk inside and outside of focus.

Contact Dennis at 650-315-6578 or email

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