Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Three Projects for 2018 . . .

I have a very nice 10" F3.9 mirror  and telescope
under construction. The focuser is a Kinoptics
helical. This telescope will be a bit different with
a 6-strut round tube assembly. Keep an eye here.

This telescope is for sale!!

Under construction is a 10"  "string-strut" for Bruce. This is
a remake from an older, much heavier, F6 Discovery. The
optics are beautiful.  This will be the ETT design.

A 12" kit is completed for Patrick in Philadelphia. This was a
"partial kit" as well as a "second". But, it's all complete and ready
to go. Some of the parts are from different telescopes, but it
complete and will make a great strut-telescope!!

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