Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Note from Jay in Herriman, Utah . . .

A nice note from Jay in Herriman, Utah about his 17.5" Dobstuff truss telescope. it's always good to  hear from our customers. Keeping in touch is one of our goals to good "customer relations"....

Hi Dennis, 

Cleaning the scope after a week of hard use and I saw it has been 4 years for the 17.5"  Still going strong and better than ever though I will probably replace the moonlight balls soon on the end of the trusses (I have the new ones).   I love my 14" and my 17.5" Both are 6 and 4 years old and no issues outside of when I first go them in making them tailored to me and my preferences. It is a credit to your build because I use them so hard that they endure so well.  You can see in the back of my 2017 Outback I car camp when observing. 


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