Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Note from Len in Pineville, Louisiana...

Hi Dennis. 

Here's a preview... Around here, St. Augustine grass is very common and as it ages, it builds a thick and soft underlying mat of grass and leaders. The furniture glide feet on the scope aren't tall enough to reach the solid ground without the middle of the ground board resting on the top of the grass / mat, which reduces stability. I bought three hockey pucks off Amazon and replaced the feet with them.

A nice thick layer of contact cement on both the puck and the wood, let it dry and they're not coming off. If I have to down the road, I'll drill a hole and put a screw through them. As a bonus, if it rains at a star party, they're waterproof and will hold the scope a little higher out of any potential standing water. I also suspect with the larger "bearing surface", they (technically) might make the scope a bit more resistant to vibration.


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