Monday, October 1, 2018

Ron, in Cafers, Australia and his 16" . . .

Hi Dennis

I thought I would send you a quick photo. I have mounted the dobstuff telescope on a Gregg Blandin crossbow platform. I have used the platform for my old GSO 10", but with a minor adjustments to the feet of the rocker box, it easily accepts the new telescope. Weight is not an issue - the crossbow is built like a tank! So, now after painstakingly centering Mars in a high powered eyepiece, I can amble inside and coax my wife out in the cold for a look. A polar cap and surface detail were clear through some fairly murky viewing. She was very impressed! She laughed at the size of the scope compared to the old one, and I do need a ladder for this view, but I think a will get a simple 12 inch step stool and that will do just fine.

Thanks again for producing such a fine instrument, and in record time!

Best wishes

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