Monday, September 30, 2019

Zane and his 10" F3.3 . . .

Zane's 10" F3.3 short focus Newtonian.
Hi Dennis, still waiting on the new secondary holder but the structure is complete now. I came up with a rather unique way to give it a nice finish. I also inadvertently broke the top ring of the mirror "box" but glued it back together; you can barely tell anything happened now.

I'm . . . fitting the light baffle in, but otherwise this thing is great. I actually like the overheight rocker; I can put the struts and middle ring down there when transporting the scope. The height is a little short but I don't think it needs a stand or anything after all, maybe just some small wooden legs 2" in height or something like that.

Zane (Zane lives in Stamford, CT.)

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