Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Note and Photo from Karl in Southport, N.C....

Hi Dennis:
Karl's 8" telescope and rocker box
built from one of our kits.

I have a Convertible now!

I can still put my 8” f3.8 on the equatorial mount for imaging and now I can put it on the Dob kit that Dennis built.

I made brackets to attach the removable altitude bearings. They are about 5.5”x 6” x ½” oak with ¼ round molding glued and nailed. See the pictures.

Thank you, Dennis, for working with me on this design!

I’m glad you suggested making it a little larger than I was planning since the brackets I made ended up being slightly larger than I planned.

The scope is well-balanced and moves like it should (after I cleaned out the varnish I dripped in the AZ bolt hole).

I also really like that I can grab the long side brace through the large hole, pick the mount up and it is well balanced for carrying.

Thanks again, Dennis!

Here’s wishing us all Clear Skies!


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