Wednesday, August 12, 2020

10" F4.5 Light Baffle for Focuser . . .

One of our customers, his 10" telescope and a great idea for a focuser baffle. LOOKS GREAT:

My 10" Dobstuff came with a small rectangular shroud opposite from the focuser.  At home, I have various streetlights to contend with, and found this small shroud woefully insufficient. 

I first tried making a circular shroud from some thin black foam, which was worked pretty well, but tended to collapse into the light path.  So I just finished making a new one:

It's made of ABS plastic, same as the shroud near the primary mirror that came with the scope.  I measured the shape; there are notches for the spider vanes, a circle for the focuser, and an odd rectangle where my finders stick through.  I sent the design to a plastics store to make the cuts, since I'm short on tools.  I then spray painted the inside with flat black, and used velcro to hold the overlapping edge together.  It attaches to the top ring via some hand screws, so it's easy to remove if needed.

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