Friday, March 19, 2021

A Nice Note from Hao in Arcadia, California...

 I did have a chance to use the telescope for two nights. I like that the telescope is straightforward to set up, and it holds collimation quite well from session to session. The finish of the wood is top-notch. Its original light yellow wood color is pleasing to the eye. The operation of the dob is smooth, and the encoder is accurate and it a breeze to install and use. Adjusting the counterweight is also easy, although it is not frequently needed. I like the idea of strut dob that it is easier to maneuver and make the hold dob look strong. I anticipate it will also withstand wind better. The only downside of it is that it cannot prevent my 2-year-old daughter from touching the mirror! The rocker-box structure is strong, did not twist, and swings easily. Also, its transportable option is quite helpful in moving the telescope around including the dark side. the spider vane looks super-duty. Thank you for making this telescope in a timely manner and having everything carefully and thoughtfully executed. I also enjoy communicating with you and looking at the progress of telescope making by visiting your Facebook page.  Best regards!


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