Monday, April 19, 2021

A "First Light" from Al in Appleton, Wisconsin . . .

 Hi Dennis:

Well, you wouldn't think that it would take almost eight months to have first light with the amazing 16" dob you built for me, but what with several plans foiled by weather and the pandemic, it did.  My friend Steve and I drove it 1400 miles and finally set it up in Durango, Colorado two weeks ago under stunningly dark skies at 7,500 feet and had a wonderful, inspiring two nights of viewing.  First object was Sirius, to focus in and verify collimation, and then the little open cluster M41 just below it when the sky was still blue... and it was quite wonderful! 

And it only got better from there.  What I see through the eyepiece now is what I always wanted to see: globulars resolved to the core, open clusters rich with bright and faint stars, the bright wings of M42 as well as the core nebulosity, faint galaxies that had previously been too dim to see, and on and on.

So thank you!  Thank you for creating such a fine framework for the f3.9 mirror I got from Orion Optics in the UK.  The scope was easy to put together, impressively steady yet easy to move, and with the cables, holds collimation in all positions.  I have yet to hook up the Sky Commander because we ran out of clear nights before I could do so, but that's next.

Thanks again, Al.

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