Monday, May 10, 2021

A Note From Jim in Branford, Connecticut:

The color is "Cognac"
 Hi Dennis, 

After many days of cool, wet weather, we finally had some drier days.  I finally managed to get all of the parts stained. One thing that I discovered is that the stain somewhat obliterates the pencil marks that tell me right from left pieces and other defining orientations. I ended up using a set of numbered punches that I had to mark the wood in non visible places in order to maintain the correct orientation of the parts. I did manage to get the ground board stained and sealed. You can see the Teflon in one corner. 

We’re going into another wet spell, so I’ll be waiting a bit to polyurethane the parts. Just need some more good days to get this all finished up. 

Regards,  Jim

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