Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Joe's 12" F4.9 now complete...

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Here's the final result of the remake for Joe's 12" F4.9. This telescope started out as an Orion XT12 Intelliscope. The result is a significantly lighter telescope, easier to move, setup, use and store.

Included is a very nice Feathertouch focuser, Telrad finder and Sky Commander. As mentioned, Joe wanted a "deeper" mirror box -- this one is about twice as long as the standard model.

The mirror cell is the standard Orion 9-point flotation system modified for use on my mirror board. I've included a Baltic birch mirror cover as well (supplied with all remakes and complete telescopes).

The spider is a 4-vane curved-vane spider by Destiny.
Detail of the UTA with the Telrad in place. The counterweight, to
the left, compensates for different size/weight eyepieces.

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