Friday, July 19, 2013

Starting Something New...

A 13" (L) and 15" (R) telescope begin to take shape.
I'll be leaving town on 7/31 for a couple of weeks, so with about 11 days to go, I decided to get an early start on a couple of projects. When building a telescope, the first thing I do is to make the OTA rings. From there, the alt bearings and rocker box sides take shape.

This picture shows two of the next telescopes I have to make getting underway. One the left is a 13" strut telescope for Cary in Riverside, California. On the right a 15" F4 strut telescope for Clay in Hendersonville N.C.

While there's still quite a bit to do, having these components completed when I return to the shop will make the overall construction go a bit smoother.

Stay tuned.....

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