Wednesday, September 18, 2013

13.1: F4.41 for Carey Complete . . .

Completed today is a very nice 13.1" F4.41 telescope for Carey S. in Riverside, California. The telescope sports a  refigured and recoated primary mirror sitting on a mirror cell of Carey's design. A Sky Commander sits on a "stage" on the bottom half of the intermediate "Easy Transport Ring".

Carey asked for two different size strut sizes. You can see the bottom half of the strut is 1.75" while the top half is 1.5". This was to accommodate some neat clamps Carey will use to mount his finders.

The telescope is balanced a "bit to the front" to offset the heavy 1# TeleVue 31mm Nagler eyepiece along with the use of a Paracorr or barlow.

Installed is a Secondary Dew Heater.

The Sky Commander Sits on a "Stage" on
the Lower Half of the OTA.

The Mirror Sits on a Custom Mirror Cell
of Carey's Design. The Mirror is Restrained
by a Flexible Cable System.

Rear Showing Some Detail
of Carey's Custom Mirror Cell.

A "Low Profile" Moonlite Focuser is Mounted"
on a Bracket Turned "Inwards" to get
it Closer to the Secondary.

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