Friday, September 20, 2013

As the telescope comes together, I recommend
using adjustable test struts to set the focal length.
Here Gene used 1.25" wood dowels and some
PVC pipe.

Here's some photos from Gene in Ogeme, Wisconsin. Gene assembled one of our kits for his 8" F6.47 telescope. Now that the telescope is complete, he's sent along some nice photos of a few of the "solutions" he devised during the building process.

Nice job, Gene!!
More detail of the "test struts". The bolts are 1/4-20.
Test Strut Components.

Test Strut Comes Together.

Gene's Solution for Mounting the Telrad.

Another Photo of the Telrad Mount.

Counterweights added to the rear
of the mirror board to lower
the center of balance.

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