Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An amazing telescope...

Don C., from Pembina, North Dakota, put together one of our kits into this awesome 17.5" F4.5 telescope.  Don says:

"Here's a photo of my . . .  dobsonian.  I made a few mods.  I added wheels on the front and drilled holes in the back to allow poles to be used as a wheel barrel to move the scope around.  The regular broom handle poles screw into place so I can back up as well as go forward without the poles pulling out.  You can see the poles in place in the pic.

I painted the scope black and then added some astronomical pictures  using decoupage and then varnished everything.  I also made a hollow hole in the center pin for some wires and added some red LEDs to the bottom of the base so it glows a faint red on the grass at night - that way I can see the base and wheels in the dark.  A very fun project to work on.  Thanks for your excellent telescope parts to play with.

I have dreamed of making a telescope like this but never thought I'd be able to make all the wood parts - thanks to you a small dream comes true.

I've seen some neat "custom finishing" on my telescope kits, but this one is "outa the park"!!

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