Friday, November 8, 2013

My "Restored" 3" Stellarscope by
Harry Ross of New York
As a 10 year old Fifth Grader, I was introduced to astronomy by my teacher Mrs. Cameron. During that class we had a chance to visit the Griffith Planetarium where I looked through a telescope for the first time. I was hooked! In a class-room collection of Junior Magazine I saw an ad for a "real" 3" reflecting telescope from Harry Ross of New York. It was $14.50. After mowing laws and working around  the house to earn the money, I was able to send away for one. Once received the first object I observed, with my own telescope, was the moon.

That telescope disappeared long ago -- then recently I was able to obtain one from a fellow in New Jersey. For the cost of shipping, he sent me the telescope! It was EXACTLY the telescope I had as a child. Now restored, as best I could given the materials at hand, it now sits proudly in my living room.

I looked at the moon last night. It was a memorable sight!!
Me and my Harry Ross Telescope
at about Age 12

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