Thursday, January 30, 2014

10" Ultra Complete . . .The

The 10" Ultra for Manoj in Campbell, California.
Broken Down for Transport.
Note the 1/2 length struts and handle on the mirror box.

The Alt Bearings are installed on the Mirror Box.
The Rocker Box Support Sides.
Here the Mirror Bos is Installed in the Rocker Box.
One of the Struts are Assembled and Installed.
The Second Strut is Assembled. Note the Clamp for a
Sliding Counterweight, if needed (to balance different size/weight eyepieces.

The "spider" has been Installed.

The Focuser Baffle is Installed on the Spider.


Profile View of the Assembled Telescope.

Manoj asked to use Encoders at a later time.

Another View of the Assembled Telescope.

A "latch" keeps everything together to transport the assembled Telescope.

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