Monday, January 27, 2014

A 12" F5 telescope is complete for Bruce C. in Glen Rose, Texas. The scope includes a Moonlite focuser, black powder-coated struts, Sky Commander with stalk and a mount for Bruce's Telrad.

If you look closely, you can the "strings" running from the top ring to the mirror box.

Under the stars, the scope performs beautifully. Nice!!

And a note from Bruce dated February 13, 2014:


Finally got to take the scope out tonight, first clear night in over a week, first with decent seeing and transparency in forever. You are absolutely correct, love the scope. Seems to hold collimation well, which is a blessing, as I still don't quite have the process perfected. Gorgeous views of M42, Double Cluster, numerous double stars, Jupiter with 4 moons, all in spite of a full moon.  I liked the 17T4 a lot, as you had suggested, but my favorite so far is the 26T5, along with the 9mm T6.  Moonlight focuser is very smooth; motions are also very smooth, easy to nudge, nudge, nudge along when viewing Jupiter.   Now, if I can just get the Moon and clouds to go away at the same time .

17.5" F4.5 for Larry Y. in Burlingame, California.
The "mirror board" and mirror cover.
The Upper Ring for the 17.5" F4.5. The focuser is a Moonlite,
the spider is a Destiny Observatory Grade. You can see the
Moonlite truss blocks on the underside of the ring.

17.5" with Cover Installed.

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