Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Trip to Mt. Wilson and the 60" Telescope.....

Our guide and telescope "maven" Michael tells us about the 60" and
the upcoming evening observing schedule. Evan, not pictured

was the telescope operator.

For public night viewing, see this link  /

Under the 100" "Hooker" telescope -- the green is the plate-glass
mirror sitting in its cell.

The "Old Days" and looking at RA/DEC circles on the 100". Now this
is done electronically with encoders and computers.

The 150-foot Solar Tower against the sky.

Your truly and the 60" telescope. I gotta get me one of these!!!

At t the 60" eyepiece. They used the "Nasmyth" (cassegrain) focus for the evening.
The 100" Hooker Telescope.

The 100" again. Will this fit into my backyard????
If so, I'll take it home...

Linda and her iPhone capture Jupiter through the 60"

Linda at the 60" eyepiece -- Oh yeah!!!!

In the Mt. Wilson Museum, Michael talks "history" -- GREAT..

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