Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bruce's Optical Tube Assembly . . .

Bruce's 10" F6 with the "mirror box" complete. Note the
"hooks" -- for the strings to be added later.
This telescope sports the "Easy Transport Telescope" option
(ETT). The bottom half of the struts are in place.

The "intermediate" ring re-introduces rigidity to the
OTA. The struts are 1.25" black anodized 6061 aluminum.
And, the "top half" of the struts in place.

The optical tube assembly is fully assembled, sans
the altitude bearings. Note the Telrad mount and
laser-pointer mount on the near strut.

The overall length of the struts are 55 7/8" while
the OTA, with mirror cover, weighs 31# (while the

full thickness Discovery mirror makes up 13#
on its own!! A beautiful mirror.

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