Monday, January 1, 2018

More on Bruce's 10" F6 . . .

The OTA is closer to completion. Here, the top ring with curved-vane spider
and JMI  focuser is in place.

With the mirror cover removed, the Discovery mirror is clear visible on its
original mirror cell. Note the Destiny spider is "collimatable" -- no need to
loosen 2 and tighten 1 collimation thumb-screw. It's spring loaded.

With all the optical elements in place, I'm able to computer
the strut length as 55 7/8". Now, with adjustable
struts -- I can test it under the stars and then
finish the OTA in a couple of days.
A photo of a telescope similar to Bruce's -- AFTER reconstruction.

And "before" reconstruction. A huge difference in weight  and size.

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