Monday, December 14, 2020

A 10" F4 for Siddhesh in Burlington, Vermont Completed...

Here's a nice 10" F4 for Siddhesh. Notable are the
strings, 2-speed Moonlite focuser, primary dew
shield and UTA.
A "break" on the ALT axis to help hold the telescope in place
as Siddhesh changes his eyepieces with and without a Paracorr.

Raising the telescope onto a "table" places the eyepiece in a 
more comfortable position for this "shorty"!!

The Nova primary mirror sits on a traditional mirror cell. Plenty 
support for this "full thickness" mirror. I've put a "ronchigram"
of the primary mirror on the back-side. Kinda neat I think!!

The supper tube assembly (UTA) is home to the 2-speed Moonlite
focuser, a base for Siddhesh Rigel finder, spider and Antares secondary.


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