Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Nice Note from Al in Redding, California...

I built a 16" telescope for Al in Redding, California in 2013. Here's a nice note from him just today.

Good evening Dennis,
Al's 16" Telescope....

Thought I would give you a quick update on last week's GSSP outing.   As you may remember I have a 16" DOB from you and I really enjoy it!! I went for 5 nights and 3 of the nights were very calm and perfect viewing!!    Your scope continues to amaze me....still getting star points on viewing!!

I am currently using Explore Scientific eye pieces and they work just perfect with your scope.    It is getting a bit heavy so I am glad that you talked me out of the 18"!!!    I would have a broken back by now!!  Lol

Thanks for the all the enjoyable viewing I have had over the years.

Al Souder

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