Sunday, July 22, 2018

Nick's Completed Truss Kit . . .

Hi Dennis, here are some thoughts / issues:

* I love the movement - buttery smooth.  The "new" non-Ebony Star laminate stuff works really well.

* The alignment of the bearings to the rocker box isn't perfect, but it's more than adequate, I think. One of those things that will bother me until I actually use the scope :)

* No issues with balance, and I don't think the scope is sitting too high.

* The finder clamp doesn't quite fit between the focuser and the truss poles. I can make it fit if I turn it around the other way, but then the giant washer that goes under the finder scope shoe covers up the nylon set screw hole.  Before I drill another hole for the set screw - am I missing something here? The second pic attached may show what I'm talking about...

* Can I shorten the  bearing struts?  I don't see myself changing the balance point much, if at all.

Should get first light tonight!!!

Thanks again for everything - I'll write up a summary w/ pics for your blog in the next day or so.

Clear skies,


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